Phurfest Schedule 2020 (Subject to change)

Wednesday April 29th

- Bag Stuffing and Silent Auction Set Up (6-9 PM)

Thursday April 30th

- Early Registration (9AM-6PM)

- Pre-Welcome Bingo at Rock (6-9 PM) Food Provided


Friday May 1st 

- Registration (9AM -6PM)

- Casino Day Trip (11AM-3PM)

- Open pool time (12pm-4pm)

- Bunkhouse (8PM-1AM) Buzz Cuts by Rick, Wild Men of the West 

10PM to Midnight Drink Specials 

Saturday May 2nd

- Registration (9-11AM 

- Pool Party (11AM-5PM) Lunch 12:00-1:30PM Mr. Phurfest and Phurfest Cub Contest 

- Banquet atEmbassy (7-8:30 PM Dinner, 8:30-10 PM 

-Boxer Poker 10PM-12 MID

Sunday May3rd 

- Pool Party (11 AM-5PM) Lunch 12:00-1:30 PM

- Closing Party - NuTowne (6-11PM) 

Monday May 4th

- Lunch at 5th Ave Cafe (11:30AM -1:30 PM) On own