Phurfest 2020 Registration Form

2020 Phurfest Registration Form fillable (1) updated (pdf)


Registering for Phurfest

Please read carefully

Discounted Room Rates are for Phurfest attendees (2 night minimum strictly enforced) you must be registered for Phurfest to get a room.Standard Suites King or 2 Doubles: $99.00 per night floors 2-4 Poolside Suites King or 2 Doubles: $109.00 per night (limited availability)1st floor rooms. Make your reservations for hotel rooms by first registering for Phurfest. FYI... Pool is closed to the public Saturday and Sunday for our private party, to paid registrants only!

                                                        Booking Policies

One(1) Night plus tax Non-Refundable Credit Card Deposit required at the time of booking. Two(2) Night Minimum Length of Stay Required. Cancellation policy is 72-hours prior to confirmed arrival date. Reservations cancelled within 72 hours will be charged an additional night plus tax.


Your registration for Phurfest is non-transferable. If you find that you will not be able to attend you must cancel your registration in writing. Email does not qualify as “in writing”. Cancellations postmarked by March 30, 2020 will receive a refund, subject to a $10 transaction processing fee. Later cancellations and no-shows will NOT receive a refund. We will mail those registration packs, and T-shirts four to six weeks after the event.

Legal Disclaimer

All Phurfest Attendees, volunteers and staff must be at least 21 years of age. Understand that Phurfest Registration is not transferable.

No public sex. No public nudity (complete coverage of genitals and butt crack - jock straps do not qualify). No public advertising for sex. No unwelcome or unruly sexual advances to employees and/or non-Phurfest guests. No public urinating or defecating. Keep public displays of affection respectable. Keep public intoxication to a controlled minimum, seeking assistance when necessary. Resolve situations without the use of abusive verbal and physical confrontations.

Agree not to hold Bears of the West, its officers, membership, guests, sponsors, or any commercial establishment used in conjunction with this event responsible for any loss or injury either their property or their person while participating in this event.

You are fully responsible for any damages you may cause to the hotel property or commercial establishments used during this event. Also fully responsible for any non-Phurfest Attendee Guests that you allow into the hotel property, including any damage caused to the property, until such person(s) leave the property.

Will not post any advertisements, photos, or any other written or pictorial matter in the halls or on the doors of the private guest sections in the hotel.

Will not use any controlled substances (excluding medicine prescribed to you personally) during any Phurfest activities or volunteer shifts and will not indulge in actions that could be considered discriminatory or racist.

Will grant the Bears of the West, and any photographer or videographer that it may officially employ the right to use their likeness, image, voice and appearance whether recorded on or transferred to videotape, film, slides, photographs, or other media, for publication, broadcast or use on the web.

Will assist the Phurfest Committee by immediately reporting any witnessed violations to this code while keeping themselves from becoming part of the situation and allowing the hotel and/or Phurfest Security staff to handle the situation.

Understand that the failure to follow any one of these guidelines is grounds for being asked to leave the event without a refund of registration or hotel room fees. Continued failure to comply may additionally result in being banned from future events.

Hotel is NOT responsible for injury or circumstances relating to alcohol consumption.


Hotel Reservations

You will be responsible for making your own reservations with the hotel. Once you register for the run, you will receive instructions via e-mail with instructions on how to reserve rooms at The Embassy Suites.